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Yankee (White) Lady Abandoned US, Hawks in Kenya



There is a saying that love can make people do anything beyond extraordinary to suffice conviction and an example of such reality is prevalent in this scenario.

Yankee (White) Lady Abandoned US, Hawks in Kenya

Cross Pictures of Sylvia and Kelvin Opanga (Facebook)

A white woman – Sylvia Bichanga relocates from US, hooks in love with a Kenyan and hawks on the street as a daily commitment for survival.

Sylvia, an American, met and fell in love with Kelvin Opanga after her family relocated to Kisumu for a church mission. She ran into Kelvin when her dad went to his electronics repair shop and noted that he was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

They officially got married in April, and Sylvia makes a living by selling American foods in the lakeside city.

Sylvia Bichanga, an American lady married to Kenyan national Kelvin Opanga, has spoken out about selling snacks in Kisumu, Kenya.

Exclusively speaking to a trusted Kenyan website Tuko, Sylvia said the business – American snacks, largely is well-received in the lakeside city.

The businesswoman said clients love her food stall because of the unique American food she makes. “I don’t make chapatis or mandazis, so the food is unique, and many people have never tasted it before.

“My pizza pocket goes the best among the younger generations, while the tea is a big hit among matatu drivers and conductors,” she said. Hawking Sylvia divulged that people find it curious seeing an Oyinbo lady hawking the snack in the streets of Kisumu.

“Most people are very curious of what I am selling and are quite excited about trying out the food,” she said.

Meeting Kelvin Sylvia, who grew up in Ohio, relocated to Kenya with her family through the Conservative Christian Mission, and she had no plans on getting married.

One day, robbers raided their house in Kisumu and carted away their electronics. She accompanied her father to an electronics shop where Kevin worked, and that is how they met.

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw him. My spirit left my body. My hands were trembling; I had never seen such a handsome man in my life. That is where I went down a difficult road,”
she said.

Marriage ultimately, love triumphed, and they got married in April 2021.

Photos of the auspicious occasion depicted a beaming Sylvia with her parents, and Kelvin shared a photo kissing her on the forehead with the caption: “Sometimes right in the middle of an ordinary life, an unexpected love finds you, and you are never the same.”

Sylvia said the most significant challenge being in a cross-cultural marriage is: “Having been raised in different cultures it takes more communication than a normal marriage would.”

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