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Child Molestation: A Stitch In Time!



Taking the discussion from the parent – molestation is any forming of violence that leaves two people – valiant and victim. The latter, the pain-bearer while the former, the gain-taker.

Further stressed, molestation is an act of sexual assault, abuse of an entity, the action of pestering or harassing someone in an aggressive or unlikely manner.

In the same lane, child molestation, according to the Department of Justice is said to be a contact or interactions such as inappropriate physical contact between a child and adult where the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator.

Child molestation goes into display in four strata – neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Attention is mostly placed on the sexual aspect, though; it is the highest trending vice amongst other existing molestation.

It is worst enough as an adult to suffer molestation, considering a child experiencing such unforgettable scar and unending-scornful pain.

Yesterday, Okuwatobi Raji Olawode, a Nigeria Child Safety and Humanitarian shared her unforgettable sexual molestation while she was 8-years old with Naija News Correspondent.

“The Perpetrator was my maternal uncle. I was eight years old. My mum knew about it but she warned me not to tell anyone.” Olawode narrated.

The perpetrators are mostly close relatives and known people to the victims. The ridiculous part is when the victim’s does not have confidant to share the ordeal against future occurrence and accorded judgment.

In most cases, children do not disclose sexual abuse and rarely display behavioral or physical signs, corresponding the abuse witnessed. Generally, if report surfaces, it is delayed and sometime split into years.

According to Olawode, “I began to see less of myself and accepted valueless individuals as acquaintances. There were moments my only solace was in alcohol and smoking”.

The children developed withdrawal, aggressiveness, phobias and sleep disorderliness. In extreme standpoint, some abused children behave in appropriate manner, way far from their current age expectation.

To put an end to the menace – child molestation in the society, everyone has a part to play.

Parents and guardians must take up the responsibility of ensuring their children and wards become their gist partners without constraint of any kind. Educating the children properly on sex education as well as preventive measures for sexual abuse also becomes a must.

Lastly, all known perpetrators should be reported and held accountable for offences committed – regardless of whom such persons are and position occupied in the society.


Additional Daily Tips for Parent and Guardians

There are more than a few physical signals parents or guardians can spot to find out whether their children or wards are facing molestation or have experienced molestation. Some of these signals include:

One, difficulty in walking or sitting; when a child is walking inappropriately or feels uncomfortable sitting properly, it is calls for attention. Such child is likely to be in danger.

Two, bruises or tears around the genitals, anus or mouth; a sexually molested child is poised to have bruises or tears, hence, the parent need to on daily basis understudy the stated areas.

Three and lastly, vaginal discharge, bleeding or pruritus; examining children underwear’s and panties stand a better chance discover any odd evidence.

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