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Red Cross calls for speedy response from rescue authorities



The Nigerian Red Cross has called for a speedy response from rescue authorities at the scene of the building that collapsed in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State.

The Chairman of Nigerian Red Cross, Lagos State branch, Adebola Kolawole, who was present at the scene on Tuesday stated that the rescue teams should be fast in recovering people from under the rubble.

She said, “They should do something fast; as fast as they can. Because time is limited. If they don’t bring them out, they’ll be suffocated and they’ll eventually die. We don’t pray for that. We pray that God will bring them out and our own.

“We should be able to do something fast. I just think time is of essence, so that we can do something fast.”

For those that have been rescued from the collapsed building, Kolawole stated that they have been taken to an undisclosed General Hospital in Lagos.

Speaking on their chances of survival, the Red Cross boss stated that it is in the hands of God.

“We should allow the professionals to do their work,” she said.

The collapsed building, which is situated on Gerard Road, has gained attention after details of the circumstances surrounding the construction of the building emerged.

The exact number of people trapped in the rubble is still unknown. (NAN)

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