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Police Begin Manhunt for Killers of Enugu Policeman



The Enugu State Police Command has declared a search and catch combat to tame the killer of police officers in the state territory.

It said this in a statement earlier today that it had begun an intensive manhunt aimed at capturing the gunmen who attacked and killed two policemen devoted to the command.

The two fatalities, along with three other colleagues were said to have been assigned to the checkpoint at Nachi in the Oji River Local Government of the state when the assailants attacked the checkpoint and killed them. Their colleagues, however, luckily absconded from the scene unhurt.

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It was discovered that the assailants collected two ammunitions belonging to the deceased, which were identified as AK-47 rifles, and set their patrol vehicle ablaze.

The incident which occurred at around 6:30 a.m caused an uproar as commuters scurried to safety.

It was also reported that full-scale investigation leading to the unveiling of the assailants has commenced and additional developments would be communicated.


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