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Organ Trafficking: UK Court Grants Ekweremadu’s wife Beatrice Bail



Beatrice Ekweremadu, Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s wife, was on Monday granted bail by a London court, over allegations of human trafficking and organ harvesting.

Beatrice was arrested alongside her husband, Ike on June 23 by the London police, claiming they tried to traffic a minor to illegally harvest his organ. The claim that the alleged victim, David Ukpo, was a minor was subsequently debunked after passports, national ID and other documents showed him as 21.

Still, the Ekweremadus remained behind bars since then and were not granted bail after appearing in court on July 7. The matter was postponed until August for further hearing before today’s decision to free Mrs. Ekweremadu while Mr. Ekweremadu would remain in custody.

“The position is that I have granted bail to Beatrice subject to some fairly stringent conditions but I have refused bail to Ike,” the Common Serjeant of London, Richard Marks, said in his ruling on Monday evening.

The court did not immediately say the stringent terms set for Mrs. Ekweremadu or when Mr Ekweremadu would be released before adjourning the matter till August 4.


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