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Just In: Nigerian-born Footballer Shot Dead, After Killing Neighbour, Held 2-year-old Child Captive In UK – Police



Nigerian-born Footballer, Kelvin

A Nigerian-born footballer, Odichukumma Kelvin Igweani has been shot dead after killing a neighbor in the United Kingdom says the police.

Reports allege Odichukumma, 24, held in captive a 2-year-old toddler as quoted by the UK Police.

The deceased, Richard Woodcook, 38, was found on the floor lifeless when officers stormed a first-floor in Milton Keynes, Bucks, last Saturday, June 26.

Attempts to tame the Nigerian-born footballer failed as he posed further threat to his hostage, thereby led to police fire shots, four consecutive times.

Odichukumma, popularly known as Kelvin, was pronounced dead at the scene and Woodcock died of head injuries. The toddler-boy remains in a life-threatening condition in hospital.

A recent report unveiled Woodcook came to the sad end due to an attempt to rescue the hostage toddler.

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