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Naebi Dynamic to track helicopter movements in-out Nigeria



Naebi Dynamic Services Limited, is set to monitor the records of helicopter movements in and out of Nigeria and assist the country to boost Internally Generated Revenue from the sector.

This was revealed during a press briefing in Lagos by the Managing Director, Stanley Chike

Chike, said the firm was investing in equipment to monitor activities in the aviation and oil sectors across the country.

“Before we started, I noticed some lacunas in the system. We did a feasibility study, processed it, and forwarded such to the government,” Chike stated.

He added, “After that, we had the stakeholder buy-in in the aviation and oil sectors. I want to thank the Federal Government for implementing this after passing the law.

“As we all know, aviation is a global practice, and whatever is done in one country is replicated in another, including Nigeria. The IOCs (international oil companies) will not pretend that they don’t know this is the practice that happens in their own countries.

“But we went further to ensure that after the ICAO law, it is also enshrined in our Act. So, it is a law nationally and globally. In other countries, helicopter operators are charged per weight, but here, we have a common charge irrespective of the weight.”

According to Chike, the company had trained and engaged over 200 workers who would soon be deployed to the field.

He further said to have seamless activity, a lot of sophisticated equipment would be developed. “We will bring in a lot of equipment to do this. We are building data for the government. Also, with this, you know you have improved the system. We are doing manual and digital systems.”

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