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My boobs brings more attention -Kofanki



Instagram skit maker, Kofanki Ekunke who is undoubtedly blessed with God’s gift appears to serve her boobs as a special staple on her skits because she realized her boobs seem to bring more attention.

Ladies with extraordinarily big boobs realize it is a treasure and Kofankii is no exception who has realized this through skit making.

She said “I act randomly but my boobs seem to bring more attention. I’m a very reserved person but my boobs made me more reserved because anywhere I go, all eyes are on me. I wasn’t very comfortable with that before until I later found out it was an asset and ever since I have been happy with myself. I even love the attention it brings,” she revealed in a chat with Potpourri.

Kofankii said her mission is to make people laugh and help people forget about depression, especially in Nigeria.

Furthermore, she told Potpourri how she got into skit making as it wasn’t what she planned to do but loves it now and also revealed that she’s not all about boobs.

“Someone needed a busty lady for a skit and someone tagged me and that’s how I started. I love acting and I’m fun to be with. The whole idea is for everybody to have fun and be happy,” she explained.

“I don’t have any particular kind of skit I do, I do all kinds of skits. The idea is just to create fun content and make people laugh”

Apart from making funny skits, Kofankii has a BSc in physics, she’s an event planner, a chef, and an entrepreneur.



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