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Aviation Sector Records Increase in Passenger Traffic in Q2



The aviation sector is gradually picking up after the waves of COVID-19 pandemic as there is a rise in air traffic passenger.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released its latest report on air passenger traffic using data made available by the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

The report, which estimated total traffic in Q2 ‘21 at 3.2 million passengers, represented an increase of 9 per cent quarter-by-quarter and 72 percent year-on-year in passenger traffic.

Conversely, the report maintained that despite the year-on-year increase in passenger traffic, the aviation sector was still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as overall passenger traffic is still below pre-pandemic levels.

Based on the national accounts, Nigeria’s air transport segment grew by 4.9 percent y/y in Q2 ‘21 compared with a contraction of -11.8 per cent recorded in the previous quarter. The reopening of airports and the reinstatement of flights, following the ease in movement restrictions and positive base effects contributed to the uptick in the segment’s growth rate.

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For Q2 ‘21, passenger traffic on departures accounted for 50 percent of total domestic air travel and 51 percent of total international air travel. According to the report, 86 percent of total air passengers in Q2 ‘21 were domestic travellers, pointing to a 9 percent q/q increase.

Passenger traffic in the Lagos domestic airport increased by 13 percent q/q to 861,320 passengers. As for Abuja, there was a 9 percent q/q increase to one million passengers in Q2 ‘21.

The Abuja airport accounted for the largest share (37%) of total domestic passengers during the quarter under review. While Lagos and Port Harcourt accounted for 31 percent and 7 percent of total passenger traffic (domestic) respectively.

As for international travel, air passenger traffic grew by 4 percent q/q and 2179 per cent y/y.

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1 Comment

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